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Wine Cooler Repair In Louisville
Wine Cooler Repair

Appliance Repair Louisville has a team of qualified professionals experienced in wine cooler repair in Louisville. With a well stocked inventory of parts on-hand for all brands and models of wine coolers, a call to (502) 405-8133 is the best way to ensure a timely wine cooler repair from a trusted source at a fair price.

A wine cooler is designed to provide wine connoisseurs with a practical way to store wine at ideal conditions by replicating the storage environment normally found in a wine cellar. They replicate ideal temperature and humidity levels in a consistent manner allowing for the stable conditions required by all types of wine. Since wine does not react well to volatile and inconsistent temperatures, when a wine cooler begins to fail the problem needs to be rectified immediately.

Common Problems Encountered With Wine Coolers

As with most appliances, improper installation is one of the leading causes for wine cooler problems. For optimal performance a wine cooler should be installed with the assistance of a professional. The location should be properly level, the power source must be adequate for the power demands of the unit and the area should also allow for proper ventilation of the wine coolers compressor that will generate heat. Failure to ensure a proper installation can lead to issues that over time will require repair.

A wine cooler, just as other refrigeration appliances, uses what is known as the refrigeration cycle to perform its cooling magic. To create this cycle, a wine cooler will have a compressor, refrigerant, condenser coils and evaporator coils. These components, although designed to be durable and resistant, will over time fail or require repair. Problems with any them may cause unstable temperatures in the unit, create noticeable water leakage due to iced coils, or create unusual noises while in operation.

Thermoelectric wine coolers function without a traditional compressor and do not use refrigerant. This allows for quieter operation and are often touted as being less prone to breakdowns. However, even these units can encounter issues with their cooling node or circulatory fans.

All wine coolers are equipped with sensors in order to maintain a stable temperature for the wine. These sensors, as well as the control board used to adjust them and that displays the readouts from their input, can fail. When this occurs they need to be professionally replaced with parts approved by the manufacturer. Any malfunction with a sensor or control panel will inhibit the wine cooler from working at optimal efficiency.

Regardless of the nature of the problem with a wine cooler, Appliance Repair Louisville can have the repair completed quickly and efficiently. A call to (502) 405-8133 will ensure that your wine's integrity remains intact by using the most relaible wine cooler repair experts in Louisville.

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